In May of 2019, Community Development Educators from across the United States convened in Detroit, MI to discuss the status of Community Development Education in Higher Education. During the Community Development Education Symposium and correlating Summit, educators worked to establish a professional agenda that would guide the emerging field for the next several years. As a result, the Community Development Education National Research Agenda was formed.

We propose the following agenda and pose this for comments by the field:

Community Development Education National Research Agenda (Draft)

  • Identify core competencies, curriculum and specializations for CDE.

  • Explore methods to position CDE to be more relevant to diverse audiences and actors.

  • Examine and implement values and critical theories in CDE.

  • Examine relationships between community partners and CDE programs.

  • Critically evaluate community engagement and participation methods.

  • Evaluate the comprehensive impact of CDE.

For a list of symposium and summit participants please click below: